The Meaningful Economics and Entrepreneur (MEE) Competition, held Thursday, November 17, is designed to promote student knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship.  The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education has designed the competition to encourage creative and critical problem solving and thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and communication skills!  The 3 main contests include test assessment, production, and a problem solving component that requires a skit performance!

1st Place — Avery Barlow, Kathryn Soucek, Mya Kane, and Holden Morley

Other participants were:  Stratton McClure, Ben Pryor, Julianna Cummings, Hudson Hahn, Kenna Snyder, Peyton Boyster, Cole Hutchings, and Joanna Liu
4th graders:   Robbie Gruenewald, Colby Craig, Leyton Barry, and Collin Williamson